New Century Technologies
Our Business

We offer free applications and services for you to shop smart.

We believe in technologies. Our mission is use appropriate technologies to enhance your shopping experience by saving your money and time while having fun.

Our History

It had been pondering me for a while that our smart phones should be able to help us in shopping somehow. One day in Summer of 2012, a thought struck me: With my iPhone, I scan a barcode on a box. Then, boom! The best deals are presented in front of me. This is something useful, I said to myself. And I was looking for a project to use new technologies like Web API, mobile development, etc. It would be very cool if I could develop something useful while learning new technologies and skills. I just found a perfect project!

By the end of August 2012, the web site was up and running.
By the end of September 2012, the SmartBars iPhone app was released.

Partner Wanted

If you are a savvy software or marketing professional and believe in what we do, we would like to hear from you. Send us a mail

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