OLE for Process Control (OPC) creates a worldwide industry-standard for communicating real-time production information across all levels of the manufacturing enterprise. OPC gives production and business applications across the manufacturing enterprise access to realtime plant-floor information in a consistent manner, making multi-vendor interoperability and "plug and play" connectivity a reality. To learn more about the OPC, please visit OPC Foundation's Web site at www.opcfoundation.org.

OPC Servers Integrator (OPCSI)
It is a set of COM objects and interfaces that are used as an integrator to OPC data access servers, offers a tool for OPC programming. You don't need to be a COM/OPC expert to use it. It integrates various OPC servers in heterogenous production environments and provides an interface to application developers using Visual Basic, Visual C++ or .NET. It has the following features:

OPCSI takes advantages of the OPC industry standard and hides complexity of COM/OPC programming. OPCSI speeds up development cycles, cuts maintenance cost, promotes increased operation efficiency, and makes OPC resources sharing available in entire enterprise environment.

OPCSI Overview gives a quick overview of OPC Servers Integrator (OPCSI). It also gives a comparison of interfaces between the OPCSI programming and direct OPC programming.

Data Sheet gives a summary of features and benefits using OPCSI.

Using OPCSI is easy. Just download and install the software below. It has a configuration utility for you to configure all your OPC servers with OPCSI. The source code (written in .net C#) is also included. You can add more features for this utility if you want. A number of examples in VC++/VC#, VB/VB.NET are also included. You may aslo need to read the client application development procedures described in the document.

      OPC Servers Integrator (OPCSI) 2.0